The 7 Best Bluetooth Speakers For Your Phone

With so many accessories available for your phone, it’s hard to tell which products are worth buying. Bluetooth® speakers are a tech necessity, and knowing which the best Bluetooth speakers are will help you in making your decision.

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Bose® is known for its sound quality, and its SoundLink® Mini Bluetooth speaker is no exception. It has been heralded as the best-sounding portable Bluetooth speaker on the market. The quality of its manufacture is true to Bose production, and though it is heavier than most portable speakers of the same size, the weight comes from magnets that allow the speaker to produce the unparalleled high-quality bass sound. With a powerful lithium-ion battery, it reaches a full charge in about 3 hours and offers 7 hours of playback time. The speaker is equipped to remember 6 different Bluetooth devices, making it a breeze to switch between your iPad, computer, and cell phone.

2. The OontZ Angle Ultra-Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker by Cambridge SoundWorks

Cambridge Soundworks really delivered one of the best Bluetooth speakers on the market. It has a great sound and you can get it for a little less than half of what the Bose SoundLink Mini costs. The Oontz Angle offers a 10-hour battery life, and weighs a little over half a pound, making it extremely portable. With crisp, clear sound, this speaker is great for watching movies on your tablet or PC and perfect for taking conference calls on speakerphone. This speaker was made with quality construction and offers the best cost vs. performance value on the market.

3. Photive CYREN Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker w/ Built in Speakerphone & 8 hour Rechargeable Battery

The Photive CYREN Bluetooth speaker offers some of the best accessories for any portable speaker. It comes with a carrying case and charges via a micro USB cable, making it easier to charge when you’re on the road. The sound quality is rich and clear, and devices can be attached via the 3.5mm auxiliary cable and Bluetooth providing more device versatility. The CYREN weighs a little bit more than the Angle, but it also has long battery life. Another nice feature is the ability to answer phone calls via the built-in speakerphone while it’s in use. The sound quality and versatility of this portable speaker are what make it rated as one of the best Bluetooth speakers available.

4. HMDX Audio HX-P230BL JAM Classic Bluetooth Wireless Speaker

The Jam Classic is a super-compact Bluetooth wireless speaker that has a 30’ Bluetooth range and comes in many different colors allowing you to choose one that fits your music personality. While the sound quality is not as top-notch as the Bose, is costs much less and still offers great bass quality considering its size. The Bluetooth pairing is simple, and switching between devices can be done quickly. Many people who purchased this device have noted its durability; it seems to survive multiple drops from about 5 to 6 feet. This speaker’s small size, durability, and decent sound quality keep it listed as one of the best Bluetooth speakers on the market.

This wireless Bluetooth speaker offers the unmatched sound quality of Bose, the bass is loud and clear without causing distortion. Though it is bigger and heavier than the Bose Mini, it offers a 3.5mm auxiliary and micro USB input. It weighs about 3 pounds and is about the size of bookmaking it is best suited for hotel and cabin travel, though it does boast an 8-hour battery life. As always, Bose delivers stylish quality with the SoundLink II, and the speaker comes with a nylon bi-fold cover; a car charger and travel bag accessories are separately available for purchase. Bose offers two of the best Bluetooth speakers available, and you always know you’ll be receiving a quality sound product if you choose to purchase from them.

6. Creative D100 Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

The Creative D100 is another stylish speaker option that comes in four colors and offers decent sound quality for a reasonable price. This Bluetooth speaker runs on 4 AA batteries for 25 hours of playback, which means you won’t be caught without a charger in the car or outdoors. It has both Bluetooth connectivity and a 3.5 mm auxiliary connection making it great for connecting to a number of different devices. It gets loud enough for small get-togethers, and the sound quality supports bass-heavy music without becoming distorted. Creative also offers a Bluetooth audio USB transmitter for PCs and laptops that don’t have built-in Bluetooth connectivity, making it easy to play music on the D100 in your home. As one of the best Bluetooth speakers available, the price makes it an affordable and smart option for teens and college students.

7. Jawbone BIG JAMBOX Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

The BIG JAMBOX is about the same size and price as the Bose SoundLink II, but offers a custom color design when you order one. This speaker uses LiveAudio™ technology to produce large, high-quality sound that can fill any room and most outdoor spaces. It has been known as one of the best Bluetooth speakers on the market, but the price makes it a serious purchase. Priced the same as the Bose, the BIG JAMBOX offers a completely different aesthetic style available in a large range of color combinations. A total of 15 hours of playback makes it one of the longer-lasting portable speakers on the market. A waterproof speaker case is sold separately, making it safe to take your BIG JAMBOX to the beach for a day of sun and bonfires.

As you can see, there are many different Bluetooth speakers available on the market today. The best Bluetooth speaker for you may not mean the most expensive. Though the top priced speakers seem to offer the highest sound quality, it’s important to consider portability, features, and accessories, along with overall value.

An unnoticeably small sacrifice in sound quality may make owning a portable speaker a realistic possibility. The bottom line: choose which features are most important to you and enjoy your purchase!