What is Bluetooth Technology And What It Means To Us?

So you may be asking yourself: “What is Bluetooth and How does Bluetooth work?” Bluetooth is a kind of wireless technology that allows the transfer of audio and data signals over short distances. Many Bluetooth devices have the capability to communicate with more than one Bluetooth transceiver at a single time. This helps give them a unique advantage over other kinds of wireless technologies that need separate transceivers for every device.

bluetooth technology

Many people also considered Bluetooth technology to be one of the great adaptors and survivors of the technological world. This is because it has defied predictions of looming irrelevance every year by remaining an integral part of today’s high-tech devices.

A Huge Impact on Consumers

The proliferation of wireless technologies such as Wi-Fi and Bluetooth has ultimately given consumers the capability to receive wireless digital audio whether they are on the move or at home. They do this by streaming audio, listening with wireless headphones, and connecting a transmitter dongle to a mobile audio device.

However, what makes Bluetooth unique from Wi-Fi is that it is more personal and does not need a central router to help manage communication. Because of this, the vast electronic market is filled with opportunities for this technology. This is due to the constant demand for devices that people can use anywhere and any time they want.

Many people consider Bluetooth technology to be a thread that links diverse electronic products together. This lets consumers skip the need for wires with a growing number of electronic devices that they use every day. The promise of simplicity and always being on the go are powerful tools that help companies sell Bluetooth devices.

Huge Influence on Speakers

Similar to its influence on the manufacture of mobile phones, Bluetooth technology is making waves in the speaker industry. A wireless Bluetooth speaker gives people the opportunity to listen to music without the need for any physical connections. Moreover, a portable Bluetooth speaker can be taken anywhere people want to go.

At the same time, these speakers contain a built-in rechargeable battery that makes them more portable than their wired counterparts. They also require no fixed infrastructure as it is a new type of technology that is easy to set up and install. Another unique feature of this technology is that it has obvious advantages in speed when compared with other modes of communication.

Bluetooth speed can reach a maximum of 24 Mbps. This is much faster than the speed found in traditional wire-bound speakers. Due to their numerous merits, portable Bluetooth speakers have extensive applications today.

Bluetooth Technology Evolution

The evolution of Bluetooth wireless technology started with the Swedish mobile firm Ericsson in 1996. However, it was not originally directed at the consumer market but rather at developers. Since then, Bluetooth has become one of the foremost people-oriented wireless technologies.

This also helped the technology drive further developments in the electronics industry. Bluetooth’s popularity has often determined the direction of its evolution. Despite already being popular, many manufacturers have plans to increase the data rates for this wireless technology. This will foster greater usage with a steadily increasing array of multimedia applications. It also represents manufacturers’ efforts to keep pace with the latest developments in other fields of technology.

Bluetooth 2.0 to 2.1

The Bluetooth version 2.0 technology features backward compatibility with version 1.2. This ensures that any previous generation accessories will work with newer devices. Version 2.0 also introduced an optional feature called the Enhanced Data Rate in addition to minor fixes.

This feature allows hardware to transmit data at a much faster speed for devices that are listed as Bluetooth EDR 2.0+ compatible. Bluetooth 2.1 followed after a short while. This upgraded version has additional features such as Secure Simple Pairing. Secure simple Pairing helps improve data transmission security and accessory connection speeds. Another feature called Extended Inquiry Response provides additional hardware data during the connection process. Although Bluetooth version 2.0 has state-of-the-art capabilities in reproducing quality streaming sound, version 2.1 degraded the audio quality of streamed Bluetooth music.

Bluetooth 3.0

Bluetooth 3.0 introduced an optional High-Speed feature to the market. This allows for data transfer rates up to a maximum of 24 megabytes every second. Devices that are listed as Bluetooth +HS 3.0 achieve this much faster transfer rate through the use of wireless networking technology.

The initial connection between accessories and other devices happens using this Bluetooth specification where data is transferred through the use of an 802.11 wireless network signal. The majority of Bluetooth 3.0 enhancements are implementing this feature along with additions to its technological specifications. These important additions include Alternate PHY / MAC that allows Bluetooth devices to change from one data mode to another and enhanced power control that helps devices effectively switch between 802.11 modes and Bluetooth.

Many people said that Bluetooth audio quality is inferior to conventional auxiliary cables. However, this is not the case with Bluetooth 3.0 because manufacturers have fixed the defects found in 2.1. At the same time, this version has much faster capabilities to reproduce quality streaming sound.

Bluetooth 4.0

This Bluetooth version includes HS and the classic Bluetooth protocols as part of its technological specifications. This helps achieve a high level of compatibility with accessories and devices. At the same time, it also introduced a low-energy protocol that is entirely new in order to reduce power consumption and help extend battery life.

Depending on the manufacturer along and the components used, a Bluetooth 4.0 device may utilize this low-energy protocol in conjunction with any lower-energy previous versions of Bluetooth or by itself.  Due to its low power consumption, this version’s sound streaming reproduction is great. Aside from that, it has the latest aptX decoder that enables people to listen to high-quality music.